Whirly 4C

Lulutress by Sensationnel
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From informal to formal, Lulutress™ offers savvy go-to
hairstyles at an affordable price. With minimal maintenance,
easy to install, easy to complete, long-lasting natural curl patterns,
Lulutress™ is braiding made simple.



STEP 1: Open latch, and slide hook through cornrow. Loop the hair onto the hook.
STEP 2: Close the latch securely. Reverse and slide hooked hair back through the cornrow.
STEP 3: Open the latch, then remove the hair from the hook. Using two fingers, hold the pre-looped end of the hair open.
STEP 4: Feed the hair through the pre-looped opening. Twist loop & feed again. Pull and secure tightly.


Whirly 4C Crochet Hair - BEAUTYBEEZ-beauty-supply

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